Seems like UK/Californian outfit *shels are of a mind to give us a weekly treat in anticipation of their forthcoming new album Plains of the Purple Buffalo, and with it now officially being the month of release (only tenty-six bittersweet days left to go!), we’ve got a third track for you: the titular “Plains of the Purple Buffalo – Part 2“.

*shels – Plains of the Purple Buffalo – part 2 by Shelsmusic

This is on top of  “Journey to the Plains” last week and “Vision Questthe week before, which fit into the album thusly:

01. Journey To The Plains
02. Plains of the Purple Buffalo — Part 1
03. Plains of the Purple Buffalo — Part 2
04. Searching for Zihuatanejo
05. Vision Quest
06. Atoll
07. Butterflies on Luci’s Way
08. Crown of Eagle Feathers
09. Bastien’s Angels
10. Conqueror
11. The Spirit Horse
12. Waking
13. Leaving the Plains

I’m really enjoying what I’ve heard so far, and can’t wait for the album when it drops on June 27th through shelsmusic. There are also vinyl preorders available here, so get check that out if it’s your thing!

– CG

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