Tool have got it good, let’s not lie. They can essentially say and do whatever they want and legions of fans will lap it regardless so when it comes to spreading rumours or just general bullshit, they reign supreme. Be it in the form of releasing an entire fake tracklisting and title for Lateralus, stating that Tool would come second in the priorities for Maynard now that he had become a born again Christian or even suggesting that the majority of the band was nearly dead after a lethal car crash, Tool fans seem to brush it off with a simple ‘Oh, you guys!’ and then carry on.

So it’s with hesitance that I believe this genuinely disturbing article/ramble posted over at a few days ago. Along with discussing such enlightening topics such as the recent misfiring apocalypse, Taco Bell and even ‘an extra Gamma-traversing spheroid’, it states that the new Tool album will definitely be released on either the 15th or the 22nd of May 2012. I think it’s fair to say that this probably isn’t set in stone but it’s more likely just an indication that we won’t get a new album this year or any time soon.


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