I admit, I have criminally ignored The Advaita Concept ever since their debut EP Ontology was self-released last year.  That EP was so good, but I guess they randomly just dropped off my radar.  After breezing through my iTunes and noticing their glory again, I liked their facebook page, and noticed TWO new tracks were available for download.  I can assure you they are very awesome.

Constellations” is a more deathcore-ish track with an Arraya-esque chorus that is very beautiful.  The verses and breakdowns remind me of a simpler, but just as heavy Veil of Maya.  The other song, “Spabetwaces (Spah-buh-twaces)”, contains many noticeable influences, but the one I hear a lot of is White Arms of Athena.  The chorus is awesome.  The vocals are much improved from Ontology.  Overall, these tracks are very impressive, and I hope they are being sneaky and hiding a future EP/LP from us.

– GR

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