Brent Hinds is hungry, alright. FOR MONEY!

Nah, Elmyr is actually a bar/restaurant that is a self-described “Friend of Party” out of Atlanta, Georgia that the dudes in Mastodon apparently frequent—at the official site, I’m pretty sure you can see Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor in on of the pictures on the slideshow. The commercial is a top-notch pharmaceutical ad parody from an unlikely source. Seeing Brent do yoga and play golf makes me smile on the inside, knowing that the dude fancies barfights, getting shitfaced, and growing awesome beards. Metal musicians need to tread lightly when doing ads and endorsements, but as far as Mastodon goes, starring in a comical ad about a bar that serves Mexican food? You’re pretty much doing it right!

– JR

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