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I know this site operates Trans-Atlantically, but we’ll be taking a day off from the regular posting schedule to observe summer time shenanigans, barbecues/picnics, and most importantly, remembering those that gave their lives so we could live comfortably and without worry. Or, if you’re me, you’re stuck painting the house. Awesome.

For those of you over there in the UK, you probably have the day off anyway due to the bank holiday! Convenient! Go outside and do stuff! Summer’s finally here; go swimming or something! If you’re adamant about staying inside and trawling the web for metal-related stuff, our friends The Number of The Blog are finally back up online and will be doing their posting rounds, so there’s that. We’ll catch you folks tomorrow, hopefully with a schedule filled to the brim with news and features to make up for the three day weekend.

Have a great day!

– JR

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