Whoever ‘she’ is, being the universe must have been pretty boss, but I guess she got fired for the whole Rapture non-show or summink, because she’s now a video – although a pretty cool one if you ask me.

Yep, this is my ever-dumb way of introducing The Ocean‘s new video for the song “She Was The Universe“, which is one of my favourite tracks from Anthropocentric, an album of killer tunes. It features guest spots from Battersea Power Station, someone who looks like the dude from the cover of Obzen, and the eye from Tool‘s Lateralus artwork. Or possibly from Nickelback‘s third album…

Anyway, I believe The Ocean are still kicking around the UK at the moment, playing a couple of headlining shows before heading back to Europe (lucky bastards). Catch them tonight, if you’re in Hull, with Diascorium and a few other bands.

– CG


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