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I thought about sharing the boring piece of news regarding track titles for the new Mastodon album (it’s their fifth! Who knew?) with you the other day, but it really didn’t seem worth a whole post for just that.

Thankfully, The PRP has picked up on an interview Brent Hinds did with regarding, amongst other things, some more in-depth news about what it’s going to be like.

Basically, the gist is that it’s almost done – apparently Blood Mountain and Crack the Skye “took too long to make”. He went on:

“This only took us a couple weeks to record and there’s a totally different feeling to it. It’s a jump-on-your-bed, get naked, and go streaking kind of record. I haven’t had this feeling about a Mastodon record since Leviathan. It’s just fucking awesome.”

“We’ve got a song about fighting, there’s a song about lifting heavy stuff, there’s a song about people on meth creeping around in trees trying to get the best wood grain out of a tree to sell it at Lowe’s for [drug] money… The album is kind of silly. We’re taking the piss out of things.”

One of the tentative track titles, announced the other day, was “All the Heavy Lifting“, which apparently sounds like Neurosis – count me interested!

Also leaked a few days ago was the title “Blasteroids“, which, well, sounds just awesome. There are a couple of working titles for the album itself too: The Hunter or Brother, both of which are a tribute to Brent’s brother, who died suddenly last December whilst hunting. You might remember some noise about Brent being pissed up on stage a few times and not performing before storming off – around that same time? Yeah, I guess that’s probably why then!

Expect some proggy goodness with Brent and Bran playing off each other, big Jimmy Page-style guitar solos (and general Led Zeppelin “buttery vocals”). I can. Not. Wait.

– CG

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