Always with the bad puns – nyeh!

I’ve been waiting on this video for a little while, as I was in fact there (hurrah!) at the London date of the Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself tour (which we helped sponsor), and although the cameramen missed a trick by not getting my beautiful face in shot AT ALL, it’s still a pretty good representation of what a live Cyclamen show looks like.

Shot by the lovely people at Corrosion TV, the video is also interspliced with footage from an interview held with the band just outside the venue (which AGAIN I was just out of shot for). Hopefully my lack of face time won’t put you off too much, as it’s a good vidyuh.

There may be more videos showcasing Chimp Spanner and Aliases, who were the other two mighty prongs of the TWBYWY line-up. If you missed any of that shizzle last month, you can catch up on our coverage here!

– CG

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