Yup. That’s about it. There’s guitars being played, drums being played, bass being played and even a scarf being worn! Check it out for yourself!


For those who don’t know, Jari Mäenpää is the mastermind behind Wintersun and he’s been working on Time, the follow up to the self titled Wintersun album, for OVER. FIVE. FUCKING. YEARS. Officially making it the Chinese Democracy of extreme metal. Maybe I’ve taken it a little personally seeing as they cancelled all live gigs in 2009 (one of which I was meant to be attending) so they could concentrate on the album but this is the first I’ve seen of any new material, even if it is just drums effectively. On a lighter note: I am so damn excited about the prospect of maybe possibly hopefully seeing Time come out in my lifetime.

In the mean time, how about I just start being grateful for what I’ve already got:





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