Yesterday, we gave you a heads up regarding the new Opeth album, Heritage. Today, Mikael Akerfeldt followed up with some more details:

It will be our 10th album/observation. I dig it; we all do. In fact, it feels like I’ve been building up to write for and participate on an album like this since I was 19.

It’s quite intense at times in some ‘old’ murky way, and quite beautiful and stark at times, if I may say so myself. It’s obvious I’m going to say nice things about it since I wrote basically the whole piece, but I guess it will raise a few eyebrows and it certainly is an acquired taste.

I think you’ll need a slightly deeper understanding of our music as a whole to be able to appreciate this record. I’ve realized my influences for this album are so diverse that I can’t really say what it sounds like. If I can compare it to any other band, it would have to be Opeth, but it’s different from the stuff we’ve done before. I’ve listened a lot to Alice Cooper for the last year, yet I can’t say it sounds like ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy.’ I hope you’ll like it once you hear it.”

Dammit Mikael, you know we will. Here’s the tracklist:

01 – “Heritage”
02 – “The Devil’s Orchard”
03 – “I Feel The Dark”
04 – “Slither”
05 – “Nepenthe”
06 – “Haxprocess”
07 – “Famine”
08 – “The Lines in My Hand”
09 – “Folklore”
10 – “Marrow Of The Earth”

Oh yes! Time to get excited!

– JR

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