I actually meant to post this yesterday, so some of you may have already heard it, but unfortunately ‘real’ work got in the way – but anyway, here you go!

Building on last week’s release of “Vision Quest“, a sneak-peek of *shels forthcoming LP Plains of the Purple Buffalo, the band have released another new track for your receptive earholes.


*shels – Journey to the Plains by Shelsmusic 

In the tradition of *shels, the track is pretty long and builds slowly but surely. Whereas “Vision Quest” has the feel of a film score, “Journey to the Plains” gets a bit heavier towards the mid-section, and includes some of Mehdi Safa’s more caustic vocals – which I guess shows you why I’ll be raving about them more and more in the coming months, and why I’m justified in doing so here. There’s also more inclusion of Arif Driessen’s trumpet, which is something I’ve always loved about the band, and something I feel is underused in heavy music in general.

Plains of the Purple Buffalo is out June 27th on shelsmusic. Git pumped!

– CG

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