Anyone familiar with the British literary classic Watership Down will probably already have their spider sense tingling at the name; Efrafa being the name of the warren controlled by the tyrannical General Woundwort (yes, bunny rabbits can also be tyrannical) that is ultimately destroyed.

The band’s concept actually followed the fictional lore further than just the name, and before they broke up (awwww) created a trilogy of records known as ‘The Warren of Snares’: Owsla (guardian), Elil (enemy) and Inlé (death). Their musical influences were more varied, but no less awesome: you can definitely hear bits of Neurosis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Emperor. As you can imagine, that incorporates quite a range of styles, but ones that gel together well.

The following track, “Dominion Theology” is from Elil. There’s so much more to this band than you’re likely to read about here, but if it interests you then there’s a more detailed bio on their page, which goes more into their themes, politics and ethic, and is WELL worth a read.


– CG

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