Opeth Announces New Album, Heritage

I kind of assumed Opeth have been working on a new album , but I’m honestly kind of surprised that it’s actually going to happen so soon. I knew Mikael Akerfeldt was writing a record with Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson (which is apparently finished), which lead me to think we wouldn’t actually get to hear new Opeth until early 2012. Nay, we’ll be getting it this September.

Opeth have just announced on Facebook that their new upcoming album, titled Heritage, will be gracing our ears this fall on Roadrunner Records. Obviously, we’re can get pretty stoked over Opeth—they’re probably one of the most important and influential metal bands around, so it’s always good to hear more from them. Nothing else is known right now regarding the direction of the direction of the record; Opeth are pretty diverse. It could be anything from acoustic blues and jazz (which is the vibe I get from the title) to death metal, or a combination of those styles. That’s the beauty of Opeth, I suppose.

As always, more info when we get it!

– JR


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