Japanese Techno-Metalcore Is Better!

Here’s the video for the new Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas track Chase the Light! Wait, what? FALILV are a Japanese band in the vein of Attack Attack!, but they’re significantly better. I actually really like them, they use their electronic elements properly and it’s not a cheesy mix of things that appeal to scene kids. Yes, the band name is stupid but whatever. Anyway, here’s the video for “Chase the Light”!


I honestly think it’s great. The breakdown part is awesome, the ending is rightfully epic, and it’s upbeat and melodic all along the ride. As long as you can get over the autotuned clean vocals, that is.

And here’s an older track, “Stray in Chaos”. Sounds a bit like Raunchy, to be honest.


Finally, here’s “Love at First Sight”, and “Why Couldn’t I Say The Last Goodbye To You?”



– NT


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