The Chimpy chap himself has finally announced the winners of the remix competition run earlier this year. I understand there were a lot of high-class entries:

Hey all! So in slightly late fashion, here are the results of the remix contest that we held a little while back. First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for their entries – I had a lot of fun listening to them all, and I know a lot of others did too, so cheers for making it so successful!

The winning entries are all remixes of one song, “Supererogation”. They really showed some creative use of the remix material, and had some outstanding production to boot. So, here we go – the winners are:

The Algorithm

CHIMP SPANNER – Supereroremix EP by basickrecords

They’ll all be released as part of Chimp Spanner’s releases this year – something we’re being led to believe will be announced later this week! Kepp your eyes peeled.

– CG

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