In case you’ve been under a rock or are new to the site (which could very well be the case–-hey new guys!), we’re HUGE fans of Tesseract. Their debut album One will without a doubt be on a few of our year-end lists. It really is a fantastic album, so if you haven’t heard it or have only given it a passing listen, give it a shot!

Our love affair with the British “ambidjent” group perhaps just gained some rejuvenation; Tesseract performed a three-track acoustic set for metal video mega-site MetalInjection, and it is phenominal. Their work translates quite well to an acoustic sound and aesthetic. Above, you can listen to the first track, “April.” To listen to the rest of the set, which includes “Origin – Concealing Fate Part Six” and a cover of “Dream Brother” by Jeff Buckley, click on through to MetalInjection and watch away. It just goes to show that this style of music isn’t all studio magic and trickery. Maybe this will cause the guys to experiment more in the next release with acoustic tones? It would certainly be of benefit, as they utilize the style well!

– JR

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