New music has been superfluous as we near the midway point of the year, a lot of which has come from long time favorites of ours here at HBIH. Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me and so on; we’ve all had our fair share of new stuff. Unfortunately, at least for me, much of it has been pretty lackluster. Many of the albums fit the ‘good, not great’ category and while we still have a whole half year to go with new music from awesome bands like The Faceless and Uneven Structure coming later, it’s hard not to feel like 2011 failed to meet its true potential. Thankfully, one of the underdogs rose to the top and delivered far beyond initial expectations. His name is Paul Wardingham and he’s armed with his mighty guitar from the future. Noodling and “jun jun”-ing his way through 60 minutes of instrumental melodic death metal, Paul Wardingham has done what Scar Symmetry wished it could do with its past two releases. Ironic considering the music is heavily influenced by them, but hey, I’m not gonna complain!

Now if I haven’t convinced you yet (and by now if you haven’t then you probably never will, especially when you factor in the multitude of times I’ve mentioned this album) what if I told you you could listen to it all on YouTube? That’s pretty sick, right? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a lot more hesitant to buy music from an artist I’m not thoroughly familiar with so if you haven’t checked out this release, you can now on YouTube! I can completely respect a musician who posts their entire album up for streaming after its release. I firmly stand by ‘try before you buy’ so to see a man of this caliber do this as well gets a thumbs up in my books! Sadly, he doesn’t have the album as a playlist (yet?), but do not fret for I have gone through the oh so tedious task of painstakingly pointing and clicking my way through 11 videos and forming the playlist for you! Click here. Just hit play all and enjoy the tunes!

Assimilate Regenerate is out now on Enigmatic Records through your standard distribution of iTunes and the likes. It is definitely worth picking up. It was my previous album of the year, only to be topped by the magnificent Level 2. Check after the jump for my favorite song off this beast and don’t forget to check out my review, even if it’s a bit obvious what I think about it.





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