A real shame

Hot off the press, and after a suspiciously long silence, Monuments have announced a bit of sad news regarding their line-up. I’l just copy and paste the update from their Facebook page:

Hi guys,

Due to recent speculation and activity behind the scenes in Monuments we feel it’s time we gave you all an update as to what’s been happening. Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately after much deliberation we are sad to announce that due to an internal difference of where to take the band, Greg & Neema are no longer a part of Monuments. It’s a decision that no one wanted to make but it is something that is in the best interest of all parties concerned. We’d like to wish Greg & Neema the best of luck for their future endeavours and to thank them for their collaborations to this point.

Looking forward to the future and the album, well, musically it’s finished so we are now announcing our search for a new vocalist to finish it with us to take it to the point of release and beyond. This album has been in the writing stage for over 2 years and we want to get it out there for all you guys and girls to enjoy (hopefully!). Quite a lot of you have heard a big chunk of the material on the ‘Winds of Plague’ and ‘Periphery’ tours, so some of you already know what to expect and your patience is very much appreciated, we promise you it’s coming. News will be out soon about the album along with a song premiere.

Our forthcoming shows in Trier and Ireland with Parkway Drive will go ahead as planned, with a fill-in vocalist or instrumental dependant on the amount of time we have to rehearse!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be our new vocalist, please contact us via emailat [email protected] and tell us a bit about why you should be our new guy (or girl!). Please link us to previous recordings and performances.

We appreciate your ongoing support guys and thank you for making us reach 10,000 fans!

Browne/Swanny/Olly/Mike – Monuments Summer 2011

Thoughts after the jump…

It’s a real damn shame, no? I mean, despite only having released three demo tracks, Monuments have attracted a huge number of followers, and it’s undoubtedly in part thanks to Neema and Greg. Neema’s screeching vocals are one of a kind, and I always thought Greg’s cleans added something tangible, and he could pull them off live (which is always a bonus).

That said, whilst this is pretty bad, it’s not nearly as bad as it could have been. The most comparable situation I remember is when SikTh broke up – in fact, it was vocalists Mikee and Dan that left the void in that instance, and they never recovered. Actually, saying that makes me a little worried, as they did look for vocalists…

Nevertheless, I’m sure there will be many people clamouring to join this exciting young band, and to make sure we get beyond the debut album! Like they point out, they’ve got at least 10,000 likes on Facebook, and probably many more fans besides, so people are clamouring for this stuff. I wish them all the best of luck, I really do.

– CG

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