Without so much as letting his new opuses (or is the plural opi?) Deconstruction and Ghost time to hit the streets, Devin Townsend announced on Twitter that he’s currently working on another new record!

Here’s what Devin said about the next project so far:

“Writing lots for Epicloud… a new direction. 10 songs written, 6 good… Epicloud is the next record. Big, heavy, romantic kind of melodic stuff. Pretty, ethereal and simple.”

Sounds exciting! He didn’t say if it would be an addition to Devin Townsend Project or under something else entirely, but it sounds promising! When I think of the adjectives big, heavy, romantic, melodic, and ethereal, I think of post-metal. While Devin’s no stranger to ambient metal, I don’t think he’s ever gone full-out post-metal. Correct me if I’m wrong, which I very well could be. It’s all speculation at this point.

So Ghost and Deconstruction (review coming eventually—there’s a lot to take in!) come out next month, the Z2 Ziltoid sequel is coming down the pike, and now we have Epicloud to look forward to. Good lord, Devin! You’re a machine! Don’t overwork yourself!

– JR

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