For those unlucky enough to have missed The Ocean‘s recent run around North America and Canada with Between the Buried and Me and Job for a Cowboy, you now have a chance to share in the magic with the first in a series of tour chronicles from the ‘Hypersleep Dialogues Trek’. Clearly it was not all sunshine and daisies; I won’t spoil it, but there seemed to be a fair bit of sorrow drowning…

The Ocean Tour Vlog, Part I from Chris dB on Vimeo.

It sucks that they’ve had such a bad run of luck lately, what with being robbed in Spain, and having a poor time of early closing on the UK tour with The Dillinger Escape Plan due to our shitty club nights. But hey, adversity is good for the spirit, right!

We’ll post the rest when we get wind of them.

– CG


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