We’ve mentioned Reading-based three piece No Made Sense before in these hallowed pages – not only was their last album, the epic The Epillanic Choragi, well…epic…but they’re also a funny bunch of motherfuckers.

They’ve got a new album on the way, but before they release any details they’re holding THE ENTIRE WORLD to ransom in order to get the first promo video made, for which they claim “we have no budget”. So what do they want? Money? Gold? Diamonds?

Ha – that would be too easy. No, they want…..your dog. Or to be more specific, they want videos of your dog (or dogs). I’ll let frontman Leo Dennet explain in his own roundabout way, taken from a longer post which I HIGHLY recommend reading:


I’m only really skimming over this post and haven’t been paying attention, what do you want?

A short clip of your dog. Like, a couple of seconds will do, but more is cool too.

Does it have to be funny?

No. Dogs are inherently funny, so it doesn’t matter what they’re doing. Just some hot dog-on-cam action, please.

Why do you want dog footage?

For a promo video for the new song. Which you can’t listen to until we have a video. And we have no budget for a video. But you have dogs!

Phase 1: Collect dog footage

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Profit

Which file type is best?

I don’t fucking know. I’ll worry about that later.

When you see ‘FAQ’ written down do you say ‘fack’ in your head and do a lol?

Only sometimes.

Where am I sending this to?

Email it to leodennett at gmail dot com

You’re such a prick by putting your email address like that, I suppose i’ll fucking piece it together myself then?

If you could, thanks.

‘Dog’ is ‘God’ backwards, isn’t that strange? Kinda random if you ask me. LOL do you think God is really a dog?! Like, when he barks there’s an earthquake and when it’s raining it’s actually dog slobber!? OMG!

God does not exist. All life is meaningless and you will no doubt die alone, penniless and in absolute agony.

By sending you footage am I giving you the right to fuck about with it and put it in a video, and I can’t suddenly get all cunty about it?

Yes. Don’t worry, I’m not going to flash the word ‘rapist’ when your dog appears. Even though he’s a right rapey little bastard. Where the fuck did he get that from, I wonder?

Are you asking me questions now?

Fucking looks like it. Shall we wrap this up?

Yes. Shit, that isn’t a question. Um. Yes?


I don’t know what it is, but every post they put on that blog cracks me up. Anyway, help out if you can, and send them your dogs (not your mum though) to leodennett [at] gmail [dot] com!

– CG


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