If you’re into heavier music and you’ve been, I don’t know, ALIVE the past two days, you’ve no doubt heard the news of Victory Records signing the most abhorrent aural abortion ever heard this side of Brokencyde, Design The Skyline. Just to make sure everyone’s on the same page here, you can give their video a brief gander below.


Terrible, right? Apparently everyone else and their mother thought so too. If you thought the backlash against Attack Attack a year or two back was bad, sweet Jesus. The band’s facebook page is a playground of trolls, and rightfully so; no one with any sort of decent musical taste could find something worthwhile here, and with Victory Records—the same label called home by respectable artists like Wretched, Within The Ruins, and at one time, Between the Buried and Me—claiming to be “proud” to announce their latest signing to be the nadir of terrible MySpace-core that barely hit what someone could call “a peak” in 2008 just shows that the only thing that Victory cares about is exploitation for monetary gain. I mean, they’re a business after all, and it is to be expected, but the fact that Victory signed this band goes to show that they expected people to enjoy this music. That sounds like an insult to me.

But there’s a silver lining to this shitstorm: Victory Records seems to be in a bit of a nervous panic. We received an email last night from an anonymous tipster that seems pretty credible:

[Two days ago], Victory Records e-mail Rob of Precision Studio offering him $8000 to get Design the Skyline in the studio [last night] and get an entire full length album recorded, mixed and mastered by June of this year.  Why?  To “prove the haters wrong”, in a few words.  They wanted to disprove the speculation that DTS is complete and utter crap by releasing a full length album for them ASAP.  Because of this hasty gesture, Rob was forced to push 3-4 bands back an entire month on their guaranteed time slots, but did offer an exchange of discounted recordings, at least to some.  I wouldn’t blame Rob whatsoever, he was put in a bad situation, but money is money and money talks.

First off, what an incredibly shitty thing to do. Apparently Rob at Precision is just letting the playground bully swing its weight around and act like they’re entitled to take whats theirs while everyone else can just deal with it? That’s enabling and reaffirming terrible behavior. I’m sure the other bands that got pushed back had scheduling and important commitments planned out, but apparently it’s not like they’re important at all. School, family, and jobs that had to be scheduled around expensive studio time doesn’t matter when these jerkoffs have JUST GOT to “prove the haters” wrong. Enjoy being held responsible for the worst record of the year, Rob.

But seriously, enjoy the pay check.

"They sure showed us."

And Prove the haters wrong? Seems unlikely. How versatile are Design the Skyline, anyway? What else is there up their sleeves that could possibly make literally thousands of people go, “you know what, these guys aren’t all that bad?” Seems like a front to get the contractual obligation done and over with while the band are still getting attention, collect the money, and take a step back while Victory profits off of the debt that’s surely about to befall Design the Skyline once their album tanks. The only thing that Design the Skyline has going for them is schadenfreude, which can only last so long until we get bored and find something even worse to occupy the hatred of the heavy metal hivemind. No one outside of Corpus Christi will care in two weeks, surely?

I digress a bit too much. The point is this: the collective rage of the internet is getting to Victory Records. They’re seeing it, and they’re reacting to it. We’re more powerful against labels than we give ourselves credit for. Maybe if Design the Skyline tanks and money is lost on this whole thing, then who knows, maybe they’ll think twice next time some shitcore band comes looking for a record deal? Armchair revolutions don’t typically do much, but it goes without saying; boycott this shit band and give Victory Records hell for making us aware of their existence.

Speak up with not only your voice, but your wallets. That means you can’t ironically pick up a DTS t-shirt for your friend as a gag either, you asshole. What kind of friend are you, anyway?

– JR

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