Just added to Basick’s exciting summer release lineup is the new album by Peterborough progressive metallers Visions, entitled Home.

Visions just recently supported Manure Emmure, along with iwrestledabearonce (pre-black metal era), War From A Harlot’s Mouth and Winds of Plague, and whilst I wouldn’t have stayed beyond about nine o’clock at one of those shows, it’s good for interesting bands such as these guys to get on tours like this and school all the bros in the audience. To their credit, they’ve also shared a stage with the likes of The Arusha Accord and Sylosis, which probably gives a better idea of their quality.

Even more exciting, the album was produced by John Browne and Neema Askari of Monuments, and the stunning artwork is by John Barmby, who also did the work for Architects‘ latest (which definitely wasn’t the most terrible thing about that album) as well as Devil Sold His Soul‘s Blessed & Cursed, which is awesome.

Track 7, “Home” has been made available for streaming on Basick’s Soundcloud, or you can just stream it here, ennit?

VISIONS – Oceans by basickrecords

Catch the rest of the tracklisting after the jump, as well as the release date (I’ll give you a clue: it’s some time between July 17th and 19th)!

01) Attentive: Continuum
02) Machines
03) Control
04) Desinent
05) Into The Sun
06) Autophobia
07) Oceans
08) Creations
09) Delete The Sky
10) Attentive: Reverie

Yeah, so that’s be July 18th on Basick Records then won’t it?

– CG

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