Thanks to Metal Injection for this supreme bit of Photoshop

Seems so – sort of. As I might well have noticed if I’d been able to attend The Faceless‘s undoubtedly face-melting show on Monday night (sadface), vocalist Derek Rydquist was not present in the slightest. Not even his face.

No, it’s fast becoming common knowledge that he has not been with them on their current run of European shows with Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya and Gorod, and instead some other guy has been fronting the band. Metal Injection did a bit of digging around, going straight to the proverbial horse’s face (mouth) and e-mailing him about it, and they came up with this super charged and tasty morsel:

“I don’t think I’m prepared or of liberty to discuss my current involvement in The Faceless, but I think you’re on to something here. I’m definitely not in Europe with them right now, but based on the video I just watched on Metalsucks, the guy they have out there right now is doing an awesome job.”


The guy doesn’t sound downright bitter or anything about it, but there’s definitely something there. I’m pretty sure there’ll be an announcement of some sort very soon, particularly if the band don’t want to receive any bad press over this. I would, anyway, to avoid looking like jerks if more venomous correspondence should arise.

What IS interesting, and I’m not sure if anyone else in the metal blogging community picked up on this, but there was a press release yesterday about a new band called Bewilderbiest featuring Sacha Dunable and Derek Donely of Graviton (Sacha also being of the superb Intronaut), Charles Elliot of Abysmal Dawn…and Derek Rydquist.

My hand immediately snapped to stroke my mighty beard, and an inordinate “hmmmmmmmmm!” didst escape from my mouth. Connected? COULD BE.


– CG


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