As frontman Mehdi Safa promised in our interview with him last month, UK/California-based post-metal outfit *shels are right on course to release their long-awaited sophomore album Plains of the Purple Buffalo his summer, and judging by this brand new track “Vision Quest“, it’s also on course to rival their debut Sea of the Dying Dhow.


*Shels – Vision Quest by Shelsmusic 


It’s already racking up some serious plays, and with good reason – it’s a mighty, soaring track, more reminiscent of Clint Mansell’s epic film scores than anything.

As I suspected, the album is taking on something of a Native American feel, evinced not only by the album and title of this track, but in awesome Native American-styled vocals in the mid section.

Plains of the Purple Buffalo is due out June 27th on shelsmusic.

– CG


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