So it’s nearing exam time for me and I’ve literally just noticed something. As I get further and further into endless black void that is revision/lab report writing/endless procrastination, my taste in the soundtrack gets less and less people friendly. It looks like the gods are smiling upon me as there’s a sudden influx of ridiculously brutal metal to help me survive through the next few weeks.

First up, British misogynistic-metallers Ingested have announced details of their new album The Surreption. No sign of a release date yet but the artwork, track listing and even a new song ‘Castigation And Rebirth‘ have surfaced. Needless to say, it’s groovy and brutal in equal parts but compared to earlier material it veers more towards brutal deathcore than anything else. I know deathcore is a dirty word, but I’m really enjoying it. Check it out below, along with some more br00tul tunes from Abominable Putridity after the jump. Just don’t read the Youtube comments.




You probably most likely know Abominable Putridity for their work with Big Chocolate but he has since been replaced by none other than Matti Way, known most recently for his work with Pathology. Mirroring the aforementioned announcement, there’s plenty of details but no release date (as far as I’m aware). The artwork for The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin is suh-weeeeeet but even better are the songs that have been released – they prove that once again Abominable Putridity can slam with the best of them. Seriously, see for yourself!




Big thanks to No Clean Singing for bringing both of these to my attention!



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