Alternatively, ‘Kurt Ballou: epic cocktease’

Alright, so it seems I got way too excited about the prospect of a new Old Man Gloom album, and blew the tidbit of information from producer Kurt Ballou’s Facebook out of all proportion. Dang it!

As our big brother Metalsucks reports, Kurt recently retracted his previous statement, saying:

whoops. nevermind about Old Man Gloom. they forgot to write songs, so they’ve cancelled

And in response to the understandable disappointment:

hey, i want an new OMG too. i think i’m just going to write it and record it myself and see if i can pass it off as them. i have played drums, guitar, and sang on their records before, so it’s ok, right? it will be called “easter.”

So it could happen, but not any time soon. In the words of Ziltoid, BALLS!

– CG

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