This irregularly posted column is brought to you today by the letter B, because I definitely didn’t need an excuse to post a Sesame Street video.



B Is For Belzebong

Huge wheezing stoner riffs, lumbering swamp-man style drums and enough hazy weed smoke to hotbox a double decker bus. All this from the backwater slow-ride that is… Poland? Geographic locations aside, Belzebong is heavy as fuck. They take influences from all the major stoner bands like Sleep and Bongripper but mostly they fill that Bongzilla-shaped hole left in your life, especially lingering in the more instrumental spaced-out jams like “Stonesphere” from Amerijanican. So it’s time to drop out of life with a bong in your hand, head over to the Belzebong bandcamp and download the new 30 minute, 4 track EP Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves. To be honest though, it sounds great no matter what state of mind you’re in.



B Is For Bonesaw

I think it’s fair to say that the Scots are hardly the most subtle of people, they prove how manly they are by tossing logs, eating stuffed sheeps stomach and wearing what is essentially a glorified skirt. Bonesaw are pretty much the embodiment of their home; a little ham-fisted, rough around the edges but still a hell of a lot of fun. I saw them recently at Damnation Festival and they blew me away with their filthy take on Autopsy/Abscess style death metal – one of the most straight forward and fun bands I’ve seen in a long time. Any band that can deliver the line: ‘This song is about a filthy christian… It’s called “Filthy Christian”‘ with a straight face gets my vote. Check out their latest full length Sawtopsy or even their recent split with Bone Gnawer.


B Is For Black Arrows Of Filth And Impurity

Filth being the operative word here. Having released only one EP of jagged experimental grind (think Crowpath) way back in 2006, it’s reasonable that these guys are fairly unknown but still unfortunate. But there is still time to rectify your mistakes, you still have ears, so do them a favour and pick yourself up a copy of the  1984 (Eternal) EP. These guys are so damn kvlt that they ONE Youtube video (as far as I can tell) and I’m pretty sure it’s the wrong song title anyway. The following video is of a song, which I thought was called “Survivors Envy The Dead“, but don’t be discourage by the length. The first two minutes are what you should be paying attention to as it’s more indicative of the rest of the material, however I’m not averse to the bad acid trip that follows.


Apparently the majority of these guys went on to form Coffinworm. I did not know that.

– DL

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