My love of New York post-hardcore hipsters Glassjaw is well documented round here, but I’ll try and hold my artistic integrity and not brown nose them too much this time round. That being said, it’s nice to see one of my favourite bands evolving not only musically, but with their general business plan and release model.

In a recent interview with Kerrang! magazine, and in response to years of being harangued for a full-length follow-up to 2002’s Worship and Tribute, frontman Daryl Palumbo expressed the band’s intent to “put music out as it occurs and not bore people with 15 songs”, saying the following:

“People are so hung up on us not having a full-length out that they’re overlooking the fact that record labels are becoming increasingly irrelevant, that full-length records are becoming irrelevant and the whole album/tour cycle is pretty irrelevant.”

This points to a continuation of recent release schedule, which saw ‘singles’ compilation Our Color Green (which was a collection of studio-recorded songs, the bootlegged likes of which have been floating around for years) released on January 1st, and The Coloring Book EP, six brand new songs all given away for free at Glassjaw shows recently. Whilst we can’t necessarily expect this quick a turnaround on new material, it does mean we’ll be getting it more often.

I always remember an interview I saw with Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck, recounting their poor experience with Roadrunner Records, and I reckon that’s part of the reason they’re so fiercely independent. They’ve learned lessons that bands following a more label-reliant path won’t have. Fans are (for the most part) intelligent, if a little impatient, and this promises to give them what they want. They also have short attention spans, and much like our very own feature columnist Justin Gosnell of Vestascension has been toting, this will satiate their rabid hunger for new music more often. Good on them I say!

– CG

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