Whilst we like to think we have all the best ideas, we do like to give credit where credit’s due – and when our bro in metal Quigs from The Number of the Blog told me about this idea, I was pretty excited.

The concept was this: once a month he’ll have four different musicians ‘sitting down’ over Skype to discuss various issues to do with music. Rather than the old blogcasts that tended to get lengthy and we weren’t even sure anyone was listening to them, this has focus, meaning, and a lot of potential.

The first episode was recorded last weekend, and after many mind-boggling hours editing, is now available for your listening pleasure.

The first batch features a couple of Heavy Blog favourites in Justin Gosnell of Vestascension and Steven Henningsgard of Iron Thrones, as well as Sacha Laskow of Enditol, Divinity and Walk As Chaos, and the ever hilarious Brent Petrie, a solo musician with a funny remark for everything.

You can get the inaugural episode from TNOTB right here, and make sure to leave any comments or potential questions for the next batch in their comments section!

– CG


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