There’s a rumor gaining momentum around the nets that Canadian deathcore/metalcore band Structures are the newest signees for the tiny giant Sumerian Records. I’ve seen them around the web with the progressive deathcore tag, but there isn’t enough going on to capture my attention. The band have been gaining momentum over the last couple of years, touring with the likes of Periphery and Arsonists Get All The Girls, and while they hang with the right crowd that is conducive for the sort of music I’m likely to enjoy,  I’m not feeling them like I want to. It’s not that I think they’re particularly bad or anything—in fact, they’re much better than some of the other trite bullshit that has graced the label, like Asking Alexandria and I See Stars. At least with Structures, there’s a hint of progressive influence in their unpredictable song structure, which I can appreciate.

No disrespect to the dudes in Structures in the off chance anyone close to the band sees this; I’m stoked for the band getting signed and I’m glad their hard work paid off. They certainly don’t suck, but I’m not feeling them for the most part. I just feel like I can hear what they offer elsewhere with greater results. I can only assume Structures will have a release on Sumerian by the end of the year. Until then, I guess I’ll keep trying!


I now throw myself to the lions. What do you folks think about Sumerian’s latest addition?

– JR


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