Basick Records are on the ball. Easily one of the best indie labels going right now, they’re home to bands like Chimp Spanner, Monuments, Aliases, and Ion Dissonance – and with their new distribution deal with Century Media, they’re going places in 2011. Today, Basick announced that they’ve proudly added Uneven Structure to their lineup! Here’s the press release:

BASICK RECORDS is extremely pleased to welcome the incredible talent of UNEVEN STRUCTURE to its ranks!

A truly exciting prospect for the future of heavy music, UNEVEN STRUCTURE disassemble and reconstruct the Metal genre we all know and love, by creating contemporary atmospheric movements that are all at once dripping with seductive cinematic ambience and groove-laden riffs.

BASICK label boss, Barley comments on the signing: “I’d been following this band’s movements with interest for quite some time before I finally got to see them play live in Germany at last year’s Euroblast Festival. Within 30 seconds of them taking to the stage and diving into their set, my jaw was on the floor. Meshuggah-like precision combined with a TesseracT-like ethereal atmosphere made for a completely spine-tingling experience. I knew there and then that we had to sign them. I can’t wait for you all to hear this album!”

Igor Omodei, guitarist and producer with the band comments: “We are so glad to be working with BASICK, a label that completely understands and allows us the creative freedom we are looking for. We’ve endured a lot of hard work and effort in order to create our debut album ‘Februus’ and it’s a great pleasure to know that we can count on Barley’s team to push things forward and nail its release in perfect conditions. THALL.”

Excellent! That’s another step closer to getting us the highly anticipated Februus. Remember that teaser Februus Extract that was released a while back? You can stream the song, titled “Frost,” below!


Stay up to date with Uneven Structure on Facebook. Februus should be out later this year!

– JR


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