As I did with Hero In Error the other week, I’m plumbing the depths of the Republic of Ireland’s scene to bring you long time favourites of our bros The Number of the Blog, the fantastically-monikered I’ll Eat Your Face.

Just two crazy (seriously) guys based in Cork, playing some sort of instrumental bollocks that I find hard to pigeonhole – in a good way. I can’t really do them any sort of justice more than Pappa Grover of TNOTB, who in naming their free album Irritant his album of the year, said this:

“Somewhere along the line, Irritant entered my consciousness, and like a stubborn house-guest, refused to leave, instead choosing to eat all of my food and put its dirty boots up on my couch. However, this particular house-guest happens to be a unicorn that farts rainbows and poops adorable kittens, and its mere presence fills your days with love and magic as it ejaculates pure awesomeness all over the house. What the fuck does that mean? I have no idea. But to say that I love Irritant is a great understatement, and in the end it deserves to be my album of the year because I still can’t stop fucking listening to it.”

He’s right. Irritant is fantastic. And did I mention free? Yeah, free. As if you need any more encouragement, you can listen to the whole damn album here:

– CG

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