Ok, so maybe this isn’t the heaviest thing ever. But sometimes it’s a good thing to take a break and listen to the sounds of nature, no? This is exactly what avant-garde artist Diego Stocco does. He creates a unique brand of music where he uses improvised instruments, and sometimes those instruments are a tree. Let me demonstrate:


Isn’t this one of the most batshit crazy things ever? At first I thought “Hey, this is probably going to be terrible and lame” but wow, I was amazed at the end product. If you’re into… I don’t know what you need to be into to enjoy this but if you enjoy unique music you should enjoy this. There are no words to describe it, so just do yourself a favor and listen to it. Not heavy enough for you? He also has another piece, which, in spite of containing very little amounts of distortion, is pretty heavy if you ask me.


Interestingly enough, he has performed with Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack for Sherlock Holmes. If that is not an acknowledgement of his talent then I don’t know what is. He has a few other videos, some of them more ambient than these, and you can check them out on his YouTube channel. If you’ve ever watched a Finntroll video, you’ve probably seen them play around with fake instruments made out of logs and rope. Well, take that, Finntroll.

– NT


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