Every single elitist black metal fan on the internet just crapped their pants in the sheer un-tr00ness of this announcement but, regardless of your thoughts on Scion, the good news is that we’re getting new FREE music from Enslaved!

On a unspecified (but nearby) date, Scion will release a free 5 track EP called The Sleeping Gods. You can head over to Metal Injection now and download the lead off track ‘Heimvegen‘, which I can safely say, absolutely slays. It’s another solid slab of progressive viking metal that’s on par with anything on Vertebrae – I never got a chance to listen to Axioma Odini Ethica, sue me. Or you can head over to this distinctly average looking page (that only includes the bottom half of the artwork – unashamedly the half with the Scion logo on it) and listen to 4 out 5 of the tracks.


EDIT: OK, scratch that. Turns out the EP has already been released! With absolutely no advertising or prior warning. Subtle. Big thank you to Mush, who commented on this MetalSucks piece, for finding it. Download it right now!




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