Everyone’s favorite Canadian, Devin Townsend, is getting rid of some old things lying around his house and studio so he can afford to build an expensive new Ziltoid puppet for his upcoming album, Z2. You can buy his one of a kind SYL guitar, the progress charts for Ghost and Deconstruction, and most peculiarly, a used spatula/flipping utensil. As of right now, it is up to $100. Devin will even sign it for you upon request, so you’ll probably be the proud owner of the coolest and most expensive spatula you’ll ever know.

If someone buys this for me, you can run Heavy Blog for a week. I don’t care what you do with it as long as long as it’s not illegal and we don’t get taken down. I’m serious.

Help Devin fund Z2 by bidding on a bunch of cool stuff on eBay!

– JR

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