Finals begin this week here at the US editorial front. As you may have noticed, we haven’t been churning out new reviews every weekday like we’ve been doing this year. This lull should subside soon enough. Classes end soon, so yeah… kick ass.

Here’s your new music this week:

Aosoth – III (Agonia)
Ark Of The Covenant – Separation (Strike First)
Black Label Society – The Song Remains Not The Same (eOne Music)
Catalepsy – Bleed (Eulogy)
Forgotten Tomb – Under Saturn Retrograde (Agonia)
Forty Winters – Reflection (Dead Truth Recordings)
The Gates Of Slumber – The Wretch (Rise Above/Metal Blade)
Hate Eternal – Phoenix Amongst The Ashes (Metal Blade)
In Solitude – The World: The Flesh: The Devil (Metal Blade)
Ipsissimus – The Way Of Descent (Metal Blade)
Jesu – Ascension (Caldo Verde)
Liturgy – Aesthetica (Thrill Jockey)
Novembers Doom – Aphotic (The End)
Polkadot Cadaver – Sex Offender (Rotten)
Scelestus – Scelestus (Megaforce)
Spearhead – Theomachia (Agonia)
Zombi – Escape Velocity (Relapse)

Right on!

– JR

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