In an effort to draw attention to a region often overlooked by booking agents (which is something I can certainly empathize with, coming from a rural area), MPA Concerts presents the Heavy Blog Is Heavy co-sponsored Chaos on the Coast festival in Morecambe, Lancashire. The inaugural 2011 Chaos on the Coast is headlined by the recently reformed Earthtone9, who disbanded in 2002. Here’s the full lineup:


With One Last Breath

Tides of Virtue


The Elijah


Empires Fade

Mitzi’s Revenge

Last Chance To Dance

Framed at the Crime Scene

Tickets are on sale now, with discount Early Bird tickets available through May 31st. You can buy printable e-tickets here or physical tickets here. If any of you Brits can make it up to Morecamb July 31st, definitely hit this up so the festival can expand and cement its place in the UK Fest circuit. If you’re interested, check out Chaos on the Coast at Facebook!

– JR


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