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California’s deathcore darlings All Shall Perish have revealed the artwork for their new album This Is Where It Ends. In keeping with the stylistic trend of the genre, the band hired Brent Elliot White, who previously did work for Whitechapel and Job For A Cowboy. Despite looking like the cover of some awesome video game, it’s pretty cool. Here’s the explanation of the visuals:

With this album we wanted to grab people’s attention, not only musically but visually. Lyrically, this album reflects a lot of our own personal struggles. The concept was to portray a man faced with the humiliation of his past and his continued suffering. Brent’s dark, vivid style fit perfectly in bringing this cover to life.

Awesome. The cover certainly looks the part, but I hope this new album is as good as their last album, 2008’s Awaken the Dreamers. We’ll see how it plays out July 26th when it hits stores via Nuclear Blast. You can listen to a cut from the new album, “Divine Illusion.”


– JR


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