So I decided to do what Dan did on a slow news day. This list is in no particular order. Enjoy.

1) Smaragos – “Furnace

This song is so good.  So many layers happening at the same time makes for a chaotic but memorable experience.  The numerous influences are shown, and that tabla/sitar solo just blows me away.


2) Red Fang – “Wires

I love new music that harkens back to old times.  This huge fest of stoner rock is a perfect example.  The vocalist has such a great voice, and the riff is beyond catchy.  The whole album is this good, so check it out immediately.


3) The Black Dahila Murder – “Moonlight Equilibrium

Oh my word, I cannot wait for this album to drop.  This song exceeds everything they’ve ever done.  The drumming is a bit toned down, but it works in that it creates an atmosphere.  Just typical The Black Dahlia Murder greatness.


4) Born of Osiris – “Follow the Signs

The song that kicks off one of the best albums so far in the year, this album perfectly prepares you for the aural onslaught you are about ready to receive.  The sound is chunky as can be, and the drumming impresses to no end.  The last forty seconds are some of the best seconds in music, as new guitarist Jason Richardson does a fantastic and complex lead.  It’s amazing that they can take elements that make so many bands suck and make them turn into something special.


5) Between The Buried and Me – “Lunar Wilderness

First off, I don’t really need to say anything.  It’s fucking Between the Buried and Me.  But just to clarify, this is the best song they have ever done.  The total Rush meets Cynic meets Scale the Summit feeling that you get from this song is perfect and fits the theme of the EP on which it is found.


6) Hope for the Dying – “Transcend

This album is a fucking masterpiece.  So many elements that I find enjoyable are coalesced in this album to create a work of art, and no song is better on the album than “Transcend“.  The leads and orchestrations bring a perfect mix, and the chorus has a very Nocturne-era The Human Abstract feel to it.  The time signatures keep the brain working, and the song has an epic feel to it.  Buy this album. Now.


7) Turisas – “End of an Empire

Epic.  The orchestrations, choir vocals, and drumming really provide the feel that this track brings.  That piano that happens often in the track just provides the perfect ambiance.  The choir part close to the end is absolutely beautiful. The way is the perfect example of folk-metal, and how it should be done.


8. Thomas Giles – “Scared

This song is a beautiful piece of music.  Tommy’s soulful vocals augment the track immensely, and the wonderful lyrics and acoustic backing really make for the best track from one of the best albums of the year.


9) Scar Symmetry – “Illuminoid Dream Sequence

After the relative disappointment that was Dark Matter Dimensions, this album did not disappoint and definitely proved that Scar Symmetry are one of the best melodic death metal bands out there.  This particular song is a great example.  It’s catchy beyond belief, and Per Nilsson’s guitar playing is astounding as always.  It’s a different step to what Scar Symmetry are used to doing, but I love it, and I hope they do more stuff like this song in the future.


10) The Human Abstract – “Digital Veil

Oh, come on.  You knew this was coming.  The best song from the best album of the year so far.  With possibly the most thunderous openings to a song, this album never lets up and forces you to pay attention.  It’s one of the greatest experiences you can have with music, and listening to it is a blast.  Hell, the song’s opening line is the name of their tour!  You know this song is doing something right.


Here are some more amazing songs that are not yet on YouTube.  You should check these songs (and albums that they are on as well)

  1. White Arms of Athena – “Superhuman
  2. Ana Kefr – “Monody
  3. Pyrrhon – “Idiot Circles
  4. Panic Candy – “The Amphetamine Falcon
  5. Returning We Hear The Larks – “Uprising
  6. Without Heroes – “Like Mother Like Son

– GR


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