Being ever diligent and putting in way more effort than I care to in a given day, The PRP picked up on an interview that frontman Chino Moreno gave with Billboard. Apparently later this year after the intense touring cycle is over, Deftones plan to write a new album:

“We’re going to have a month off, but in that month we’re talking about going in and starting to write again, maybe even two or three weeks in a rehearsal spot just recording ideas and keeping it going, so if all goes well hopefully we’ll have some product for early next year.”

Beyond stoked. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since Diamond Eyes dropped, barely even a year. It’s good that they’re still soldiering on and are getting in the groove of things. It seems to me that Deftones are hitting their second peak with the acclaim of Diamond Eyes and the spectacular tours with Mastodon/Alice in Chains and Dillinger Escape Plan. Might as well keep on sprinting!

If you’ve somehow forgotten how awesome Diamond Eyes is, here’s the title track for your aural pleasure.


– JR



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