Throne of Nero hail from sunny Leicester, and are a five piece (shock horror) who, in their own words, “combine intricate riffs, bouncy grooves, melodic sections and heavy beatdowns to create a sound that is truly their own.”

They’ve been trying to generate some press over the past few days – I’ve seen them pop up on the walls of various Facebook pages I frequent – so here we are doing our bit. Although only an instrumental demonstration (they also have a vocalist), the following track “Reduced to a Pawn” promises great things from their forthcoming EP.


This video is super British too – filmed in what looks like a conservatory to me. Conservatories are very British. Hats off, lads. Looking forward to the EP! Make sure you support them if you like them, so they aren’t reduced to pawning off their guitars (sorry, had to do it).

– CG


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