01. No One Gives a Shit
02. Compulsive Disposition
03. All Go No Emo
04. Public Display of Infection
05. Overpowered Violence
06. Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass
07. Spot a Pathetic
08. Evolved Into Nothing
09. Butt Krieg is Showing
10. Fucking Fierce So What
11. Ferocious Bombardment
12. Principle Of The Puppet Warfare
13. Deceased Occupation
14. Waste of Time
15. Stench of Ignorance
16. Meteor to the Face
17. Addicts of Misery
18. You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem
19. Erased Existence
20. Back Stabber Mission Aborted
21. Destruct the Bastards
22. Plunged Into Illusions
23. Manipulation
24. A Dead Issue
25. The Final Insult
[Earache Records]

We’ve known about this record for some time now.  The geniuses at Earache released this album for free about a month before the official release date, and people were on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich. After the spectacular Abuse, Wormrot will release the album Dirge, and if you liked Abuse, you’ll love Dirge. This album takes everything Abuse was and cranks it.

This review will be rather short compared to past reviews, so those looking for a long read should look elsewhere.  The record begins with a slow, powerful dirge (See what I did there?) before jumping headfirst into grindcore chaos.  The is what grindcore is supposed to be, but it features an obscene amount of time signature changes, which will always keep your brain working, even if all you hear is noise.

Production is great on this record, especially for the fact that it’s grindcore. Wormrot lack a bassist, but you won’t be able to tell, as the guitar is already low enough. Drums sound really organic, and vocals are brutal.  You’ll often hear the music cut and the vocalist give a solo “Oh!” God, I love those moments.

Of course with grindcore, you get the great grind staple: short songs.  25 songs running 18 minutes – how awesome is that!? The song titles are almost as awesome as the actual songs.  My personal favorite is “Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass“, but every track title is a masterpiece of its own.

Overall, this record is a great grindcore record.  It’s not very original, but when has grindcore ever been original since its creation?  It won’t change listeners opinions of grindcore, but it will definitely give peoples ears a feast.  Give it a good, honest spin.  It’s definitely a contender for my top 25.

Wormrot – Dirge gets:



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