As I was eating some cereal and catching up on my most recent Facebook posts this morning I stumbled upon a lovely update from The Black Dahlia Murder displaying a new preorder package. I’m not sure if I missed an update at the mention of them writing new music or not, as I don’t have the time to regularly check a band’s social networking page to see when they’re releasing new music like I used to. Also, I’m sure a few readers could agree that their last release Deflorate was so tasty they could have ran a few more tours off the back of it and their previous work alone. So when I read that they were dropping new music I found myself surprised and very happy all at once.

I love everything in their discography, and I’m guessing this album won’t fail to disappoint either judging by the new tune “Moonlight Equilibrium.” It sounds like everything you would expect from them, with a little more. After hearing the single and gazing in the album art and the box set (which includes a cloth Ouija board, coffin nails, and a sage wand), I dare you not to want to pre-order Ritual. The album drops June 21st on Metal Blade, and you can be sure we’ll have a review for you once we get it. You can find all the pre-order packages and the new single here.

Check out “Moonlight Equilibrium” below!


– PC


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