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Slow day, so here’s a slew of videos representing some of my favorite tunes of 2011… so far.

1. Thomas Giles – “Hypnoxia”


Besides being an amazing album chock full of goodness, I’ve particularly grown fond of the final track. It has the right amount of mood as well as one of my favorite lines… “Keep moving, keep swimming, keep breathing.” Shame I missed his NY show, would have loved to seen this performed live.

2. Protest The Hero – “Sex Tape”


Despite Scurrilous not being anywhere near the awesomeness of their previous albums, I do happen to enjoy this song a lot. To me, it stood out the most out of all the tracks with it’s overall catchiness and lewd lyrics.

3. Last Chance To Reason – “Portal”


This has best of 2011 all over it and once you listen to it you’ll agree. It’s hard to pick a favorite off Level 2 as each track is gold. But what “Portal” has that helps it edge above the other tracks, is the well executed and super catchy ending. The combined pattern of the guitars and drums won me over instantly.

4. TesseracT – “Eden”


Yup, one of, if not the best songs of the year. My jaw hit the floor when this beauty started playing and remained there for the duration of the song. The music is amazing, but the vocals, my god the vocals that come out of Tompkins is ungodly. The emotion this song displays is pure, raw and real…

5. The Human Abstract – “Antebellum”


Digial Veil was a very anticipated album, and with the return of AJ and new vocalist Travis, people we’re chomping at the bit to hear it. Safe to say it was worth the wait, and while offering gnarly track after gnarly track, the epic “Antebellum” took the crown for best song on the album. Much like “Eden”, this is another song full of emotion and power and the vocals from Travis are some of his best.

6. The Kills – “Satellite”


My soon to be wife got me into this band a few years back and Ive been hooked ever since. While not a heavy band, they have a gritty garage rock sound to them that reminded me at times of QOTSA. Their last album was a bit to pop for my liking, but their newest album Blood Pressures brought back that grit and is easily their best to date. The wrenching guitars on “Satellite” and catchy soulful chorus of vocalist Alison Mosshart have made this a favorite of mine.

7. Bloodiest – “Pastures”


This seven piece ensemble sludge metal band crept it’s way into my listening rotation by offering a very trippy, heavy and groovy album that while coming off monotonous, was different enough to get my attention and provide me with some excellent background music to do work too.

8. Septicflesh – “Mad Architect”


My favorite from the new Septicflesh album, The Great Mass, “Mad Architect” shows the band taking full use of the orchestras talent and having fun with it. The outcome is a fast, rocking tune with the orchestra getting all whimsical with their arrangement. It’s easily the catchiest on the album, and while still being as brutal as the other songs on the album, it stands out because of how zany it is.

9. Trap Them – “Scars Align”


The final track on Darker Handcraft, Trap Them offer up the black metal sounding “Scars Align”, which is the longest (4:29) and best track on the album. It’s the perfect closer to a razor-sharp sounding album. In fact this song has made Trap Them a contender for best of 2011.

10. Between The Buried And Me – “Specular Reflection”


I can’t get enough of this song, easily my favorite from their new EP, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues. This song is an auditory experience, and the part that gets me all tingly, 6:10 to 6:35. This is what dreams are made of, and when I heard it live it was a mind melting experience.


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