For some time, After the Burial have been sitting on their new video for “Pendulum” from last year’s In Dreams, which I cited as one of my fifteen favorite albums from the year. Apparently, the video’s premise saw the band performing at an all-girl catholic school in Minnesota. The girls were encouraged to get a little rowdy, as to coincide with the lyrics “we lose control.” Apparently the plan worked, as the ultra-conservative Catholic chaperons at the shoot were so appalled by what was going on, the school slapped a cease-and-desist on the production company, putting the video’s release on hold.

The band posted a few pics from the shoot on facebook, but nothing seems too incredibly out of the ordinary. In fact, the few stills from the shoot that were made available look much tamer than any pop video you might see nowadays; all of the girls seem to be fully clothed in uniform, something you probably wouldn’t see in any given Lady Gaga video. Unless there was a large satanic lesbian gangbang and abortion party going on behind the scenes, there’s absolutely no reason why a Catholic school should be allowed to halt the release of a video that was already bought and paid for solely on the basis of religious and personal moral beliefs. I could see the excuse of stopping the video because it may make the school look bad, but they should have thought of that before they allowed a metal band to film a video on campus in the first place. They’ve also apparently never heard of the Streisand Effect before either, where by attempting to cover things up and keeping them out of the public eye, controversy is stirred up and even more attention is drawn to the subject. The irony is delicious.

Sexually repressed Christians ruin the fun for everyone, and this particular school has a major stick up its ass. I’m not exactly sure what school this is, but I’m fairly sure it’s in St. Paul, MN. Maybe we can track down the school and tell them how we feel about their decision, eh? After the jump, listen to “Pendulum”!

– JR


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