I’ve come a long way with Vestascension since that first passing interest when initially hearing about their release strategy for the entire year, to almost hero worship, only in the space of about three or four months. Guitarist and producer Justin Gosnell began what promises to be a fantastic series of writeups on Vestascension’s business model and ideology earlier this month, and will be back to snap our collective spines over his mighty knee once more in May, but in the meantime the band has released this look at the next step in their plan for world domination.

Building on the themes in his first column, he proverbially bitch slaps us across the face with his girthy schlong of insight and talks about their visual and merchandising ideas. It’s all so simple, yet no-one’s done it before (successfully, at least).


All this on top of some top-drawer prog rock tunes. Hats off, Mr. G; hats off.

The next track (which, due to some rather unsubtle hints, we reckon is called “The Escape“) will be out this Sunday May 1st via their Bandcamp page, and as ever, will be absolutely FREE. Fuckin’ A!

– CG

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