Last night I was trawling through the depths of last.fm tags in search of bands to spotlight in a new version of a past series of posts I have done (hint hint) and came across Russian deathcore band Maiwes. The couple of songs I have heard from them were fairly interesting; enough to warrant passing them on at least. Here’s a selection from the band’s bio:

The sound is juxtaposed between such styles as deathcore, mathcore and ‘drum and bass’. Originality is added through a powerful yet brutal female voice. Maiwes’s songs are trying to figure out the ideology of the world-view, as well as the nature of murder.

It’s actually not bad at all, and some of it has an experimental vibe about it. They’ve released one album so far by the title Eva, which came out last year. You can download the album for free via Mediafire, if you care enough.


– JR


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