Unless I’m mistaken, a metal album in which a bassist takes the entire spotlight is a rarity. You have your surplus of shred albums that focus on guitar, but talented bassists are apparently not as ambitious with stretching their talents out over the course of an entire album. It’s about damn time someone made that happen!

Evan Brewer, currently of The Faceless and former bassist of the now defunct bands Animosity and Reflux, will be releasing his solo album on Sumerian Records. From the press release:

Brewer recently joined the Sumerian Record’s family as he was just announced as the new bass player for The Faceless, but Brewer will first showcase his impressive skills and songwriting prowess through his debut solo album, Alone, set for a June 28th release. This debut offering is a very progressive and unique release, and the first of its kind, as everything you hear on it was created with the bass. Brewer makes a bold statement with this release and undeniably proves that he is one of the genre’s most musically proficient bass players around today. The world hasn’t seen such a forward-thinking metal bass player since the Cliff Burton era.

Everything created with bass? Interesting concept. This has great potential, and I’ll be looking out for it. Here’s a taste of what to expect:


Alone is due out June 28th on Sumerian Records.

– JR

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