Holy shitballs. I can’t believe I haven’t featured Malvern’s own heinous punk necro-doom bastards Mother Dirt yet in this column – but consider my grave mistake rectified.

The past two years or so have seen this hairy, beardy five-piece write some of the gnarliest, most disgustingly obscene riffs – in a disused cow shed of all places – braving giant rats and freezing conditions to bring you their own particular brand of…well, I don’t really know what it is. You’re better off giving them a listen for yourself to be honest.

There’s a new record in the works; a follow up to their untitled demo, of which one of the above tracks are taken. Want the rest? Then download the motherfucker from here (a live version, recorded at London’s Purple Turtlea while back). I actually reviewed it as one of my first articles here, and I stand by what I said then 100%: “utterly horrible. But in a good way”. I believe there are some alternate download links there, so get the fuck involved!

Make sure you hit them up on Facebook and tell ’em we sent you!

– CG

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